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We Need Courage, Not Hope, To Face Climate Change.

-Kate Marvel, Climate Scientist

I invite you to join me - at least virtually - on a bicycle journey from Montana to the climate conference in Scotland in November 2021.

There are five purposes for this ride:

  1. Seeking and sharing local stories about climate issues from across the U.S. 

  2. Asking a set of questions designed to elicit direct input for the UN global climate conference (COP26) attendees. This will be the most important world gathering on climate yet.

  3. Serving as a long-distance bike messenger for signed letters of support for the COP26 from communities in the U.S..

  4. Reporting from the UN Climate meetings from a Rocky Mountain West perspective. 

  5. Raising funds for organizations doing good work on climate issues.

Look here for climate stories from the road, and reports on what I see and learn at the conference.

There are five questions I will be asking throughout this trip. You can see and answer them on the Courage Questions section. I will share the answers I get here and at the COP26 conference.

Click here if you want to support organizations affiliated with the Climate Courage Tour.

I hope you will get in touch through the Contact Page, and enjoy some photography from the trip.





I will start riding in my hometown of Missoula, Montana, and head down the Continental Divide to Colorado. From there I'll loop west across the Great Basin deserts and then north along the Sierra and Cascade Ranges to Seattle. From there if the pandemic situation allows I will fly to London (with carefully offset emissions) and then ride to Glasgow. I plan to be at the COP26 climate meeting when it starts in early November.

All along the way I will be meeting with people to talk about the future of our climate. I'll share what I learn and see on this website, and then bring that experience to people at the COP26. I believe we need contact with real people and landscapes to understand climate change. Our shared futures depend on this understanding and concerted action. That's what the COP26 meetings are about.


I hope this ride  helps you understand and engage with climate issues. Together we can find the courage we need to keep moving toward a livable, lovable future.

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This is where I am now. Zoom in and click on points to see photos and more.

Here is my intended route. (The white dots are turns on the route, I'm taking a train from Santa Fe to Merced, CA.) If you or someone you know would like to meet up, let me know!

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Here's where you can share your climate ideas, hopes, concerns, and preferences. I'll bring them to world leaders in Scotland at COP26.

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Climate Ride is hosting the fundraising part of the Climate Courage Tour. If you want to donate to some great organizations through this ride it is much appreciated! Note that your contribution will go to action on climate issues - not my expenses.

Climate Ride is an excellent Montana nonprofit that gets people out exploring the world and learning about climate issues. Their participants raise money that is passed on to excellent groups that are working hard for a livable climate.

Here is the LINK TO DONATE

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Missoula, Montana. USA

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